Welcome to the New Hampshire Citizens Health Initiative's Accountable Care Learning Network (ACLN) Reporting Site!

The NH Citizens Health Initiative and the Institute for Health Policy and Practice in collaboration with the ACLN participants have developed and created a set of analytic reports to provide systems undergoing transformation a capacity to compare performance on measures of quality, utilization and cost across systems and regions. The ACLN analytic reports include two sets of report types:

  • The claims-based reports, driven by the NH Comprehensive Health Information System (NH CHIS) data, have both private access for participating organizations and a "public" access for non-participating health care stakeholders. The full report suite includes data for Commercial, Medicaid and Medicare populations.

For additional information on how to use these reports, please refer to the NH Accountable Care Project: Analytic Report User Guide.


For additional information on the attribution methodology used, please refer to the NH Accountable Care Project Attribution Methodology.


NOTE : If you are having trouble accessing the reports, please ensure that your browser allows popups and that you are using a supported browser.

(The ACLN Analytic Reports may take a minute to launch. Please do not re-click the Access button as this may cause further delays in the application launch.)
  • The Electronic Health Record (EHR) quality report is based on self-reported data from participating organizations. The aggregated median rates report provides a benchmark for comparison around key quality measures. Access to the EHR reporting tool is limited to participating partners.
For additional information on how to submit data for the EHR quality reports, please refer to the ACLN EHR Reporting Guide.

The purpose of these reports is to provide data and analysis on which our Accountable Care Project Learning Collaborative can share learning and develop action plans that can be adopted by health care innovators in New Hampshire.

For questions and technical assistance, please contact Hwasun Garin.

 The Accountable Care Project was formed with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.